On the Year 2012 I was admitted at the three years courses of the "School of Art of Medal Making"of Italian Mint in Rome. Thanks to this I could learned various techniques of metal engraving like chalcography and directcut engraving in relief, but also techniques about the jewellery and the metal decoration like "hard

stone engraving" and "enamel whit high fire".


At the end of the three years I have got the final certification with the evaluation of 30/30. During the Year 2015, while I was in the last year of the regular courses, I won an internal competition (project conception and realization of the model) for the annual "Calendar Medal" that the Italian Mint issues every year.

The medal will be sale only in the Year 2018, but It was presented to the collectors during the 2017 edition of "World Money Fair" in Berlin.


At the end of the courses (july 2015) I won a scholarship, always inside the "School of Art of Medal Making", so I could follow a work experience of two more years during which I could increased my working skills in the various disciplines mentioned above.

Meanwhile I have partecipated at several international competition about coin design: during the Year 2016 I won the competition of "Central Bank of Ireland" for the project of a silver 10 Euro coin to be issue inside the "Europe Star Programme" and dedicated to the "20th Century Modern".


My project was celebrating the Irish Designer and Architet Eileen Grey and one exemplar has been donated to the "National Museum" of Dublin for the permanent Exhibition on Eileen Grey's works.